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Social Work Mentor

What  Does A Social Work Mentor Do

A social work mentor provides guidance, support, and consultation to social workers and other mental health providers. Social work mentors can help mental health providers navigate their career paths, find jobs, and continue their education. A social work mentor can also provide support during difficult times at work or in life.


How I Can Help


If you are a social worker looking for guidance and support, I can help. I offer social work mentor services that can help you navigate your career path, find jobs, and continue your education, as well as support you during difficult times at work or in life. This is not individual counseling and works more like a consultation.

What To Expect


When you join me over zoom for mental health provider services, I will ask you questions about your career goals and life. They will also want to know about your work history and other factors affecting your career. After the initial meeting, I will work with you to develop a plan specifically for you. I often will spend the first few session answering questions you have and enjoy building from there. I enjoy working with mentees on how to have a robust intake session and taking a career aptitude test ( this helps us to learn how we can build your career in a more prosperous way that meets all of your needs). I also have found much meaning in looking at the code of ethics from the various mental health professions and ensuring we align with best practices. For example, the social work code of ethics might not say anything about a particular area of concern, but the counseling code of ethics might; let's learn!

Contact me today to learn more about social work mentor services!

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