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Mentorship for WA-State Social Workers & Mental Health Providers


Looking for additional support as you as earning your MSW or LICSW?

Have you earned your LICSW and still want something without the high cost of supervision?

Are you a mental health provider seeking additional, low-cost support?

     I offer flexible and engaging mentorship that meets once a month to weekly to help meet you where you're at and provide additional support, engagement, and encouragement in reaching your academic and professional goals.

     Mentorship is not supervision and is intended to help the mentee identify with the profession and provide opportunities to discuss career concerns, licensure, and testing, self-reflection, social justice issues, anti-racist practices, to review the NASW Code of Ethics, as well as dealing with the challenges and demands of the social work profession. Mentorship is a purposeful, conscious, and voluntary relationship similar to consultation.

Data on the value of having a mentorship


Pomeroy and Steiker (2011) posited that although mentoring is undoubtedly valuable and widespread in many professions and disciplines, it is crucial in social work. Growing into a skilled social worker is practice-based and ongoing; students and newly minted practitioners learn by actively doing and applying their knowledge and skills. Consequently, they reap immeasurable benefits from the modeling, wisdom, and practical tips experienced workers give. Damaskos and Gardner (2015) elucidated the need for a cultural shift toward mentorship in social work to ensure the profession's longevity and maturation.

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