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*A few slots are currently available, call 425-640-7009 to schedule* [updated 12/23/22]

If you are tired of feeling the internal stress that anxiety, trauma causes, and depression cause.   If you are exhausted from all the images and thoughts of past experiences, it might be worth reaching out. Therapy can be a place to go once a week where we get to focus on ourselves; to heal from all that life has thrown our way. To begin to see the trees from the forest. The good thing is you don't have to have the answers; it's something we get to do together. I want to be there as your co-pilot helping to navigate while you are showing up and willing to ask hard questions, feel emotions, and begin to take back your narrative.

A little more about me

I offer individual therapy for adults

        I offer therapy service for individuals 18 years old and above. I do not offer case management services, including but not limited to providing paperwork for disability, unemployment, custody, adoption, foster care, car accidents, emotional support animals, and any type of legal issues.

        I do not offer therapy for individuals who are court mandated for treatment or seeking treatment in which disclosure of sessions will need to be provided to an outside entity.

       Although I am licensed as a SUDP, I do not treat active addiction (currently using) in my private practice. Should someone be in recovery, they are welcome to engage in counseling with me and addiction might be a secondary point of therapy and diagnosis. This includes clients on MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment). If on MAT, a ROI (release of information) for the prescriber is required. However, should relapse occur or if someone develops an addiction during the course of therapy, I will refer you to an outside provider. 

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